You will find various information about Northern Cyprus on the Internet, but much of this information is outdated and unkempt. On this page, you will find current information for 2020.

Political situationCyprus is divided into southern and northern parts, but you, as a tourist, do not experience any difficulties.
The inhabitants of the northern part consider themselves Cypriots and they don’t like the Turks much. Hence, speaking of Northern Cyprus as Turkish is wrong. The inhabitants speak Turkish, but they are not Turks.
SecurityThe security situation in the north of the island is very good. It is customary not to lock cars and often not even houses. The inhabitants of Northern Cyprus are accustomed to foreigners and are friendly to them.
There are no refugees in the area.
ReligionMost of the locals are Muslims, but religion is strictly separated from the state and there is a tolerance entirely in the European spirit. Alcohol is commonly available in restaurants and shops, women wear European clothes.
Mostly European staff, with some exceptions, works in our resorts.
Entering the country Cyprus belongs to the EU, including its northern part. All you need to enter the country is your passport or EU ID.
Crossing between the southern and northern parts Access to any part of Cyprus is not restricted. You can use any airport and travel anywhere, including from the south to the north and vice versa.
Border control between south and north is a formality.
Currency The official currency in Northern Cyprus is Turkish Lira (YTL), but at least in tourist areas, you can also pay with Euro. Cards are widely accepted, ATMs are in many places.
Travel from the airport to the accommodation The best way is to use a taxi service, which we can arrange for you. The driver will wait for you at the airport with a sign with your name.
The price is fixed regardless of the time the driver will wait for you.
The car will take you all the way, do not believe the information that you have to get off at the border or even walk.
Travel around the island You can use either taxi vehicles or very affordable car rental.
Beware – the island keeps riding on the left side of the road as a heritage of the Common Wealth.
SocketsOutlets are also of English type, our apartments are equipped with converters.
Time shift Cyprus is in the UTC + 3 time zone
Important phone numbers First aid, police, firemen: 112 or 199
Larnaka 24 800 500, 24 828 768
Famagusta 23 200 000