For your corporate team-building or an off-site meeting, we provide accommodation, working space and leisure activities.

Accommodation capacity

Accommodation is provided in 13 apartments in Ceasar Resort and the accommodation capacity ranges from 13 persons (if each requires a separate housing) up to 36 persons in the case of shared housing.

For larger groups, it is possible to arrange additional accommodation at Royal Sun Resort, about 5 minutes away by car.

Organization of group events

The organization of all group events, both team-building, and training is governed by the following rules:

Events are organized for the corporate segment; The basic premise of Sea 4Wheel Driving is that the company management knows why it organizes the event and what benefits it wants to get. For this reason, Sea 4Wheel Driving provides pre-arranged activities, but the skeleton and the content of the entire stay must come from the customer.

Sea 4Wheel Driving provides a room (classroom) for internally organized customer meetings.

Transport between the airport and the place of stay is provided by a taxi service. Cars can be of various sizes (capacity 4-8 seats), a single price of 50 Euro per car/trip is payable to the driver in cash. The driver will wait on arrival at the airport with the sign, waiting time does not apply.

Sea 4Wheel Driving does not provide meals or snacks. All apartments are equipped with a kitchenette, fridge, microwave, kettle and basic utensils. A large convenience store is outside the resort right in front of the entrance.

Upon the arrival of the group, a worker will wait at the place of residence, who will issue the keys, show the apartments and answer any questions.

Leisure activities are provided by an English-speaking employee of the Cyprus Agency. Contact and reservation of services according to the client’s specifications will be included in Sea 4Wheel Driving delivery.