The climate in Cyprus is subtropical with hot and dry summers and rainy winters. The climate is mild and the sun shines over Cyprus for more than 300 days a year.

Average daily temperatures range from June to September around 32 ° C, from December to February around 16 ° C and for the rest of the year around 25 ° C.

Winters are mild and short. On average, between 300-400 mm of rainfall per year.

The sea is beautifully warm from spring to autumn. You can swim from May to the end of November.


Spring is the most amazing period in Cyprus when everything is green and blooming. The temperature of the air during the day is around 20 degrees, which in combination with the sun is the ideal temperature for trips.

Recommended activities: Off road 4 wheel driving, sightseeing of cities and wilderness.


From mid-May to mid-September the sky is blue, the sun shines, and the sea is warm.

Recommended activities: Off road 4 wheel driving in mountain areas, swimming, sunbathing, boat trips.


In autumn, Cyprus is still warm. The sea is still beautifully warm and swimming is very pleasing. There is no wind, the sky is blue, mostly without clouds.

The main change that Cyprus is undergoing is in color; everything turns yellow and red, the grass looks dry, even burnt.

Recommended activities: Off road 4 wheel driving to any place, bathing, sunbathing, boat trips, sightseeing and city visits.


Winter is not extreme, as it is typical for most islands in the Mediterranean – it is between 5 to 15 degrees and it rains. From December to February there are about 10-12 rainy days per month.

Recommended activities: Off-roading for lovers of mud and slippery roads. Visits of museums, festivals, and concerts.